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"I spent a lot of time with you thinking I was second best, but you know what? I am good."


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Uchouten Kazoku Ed - Benten

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hi~~ I always like reading your meta so I was wondering about your thoughts on misawa?

I’M SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG ANON, I wanted to reread specific moments to answer your question and I ended up…rereading everything…ops? I’m glad you enjoy reading my useless chatter, though! Your question is broad enough for me to actually write a paper on this, so under the cut for length (also spoilers if you’re an anime only person!)

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TO THE HNR ANON I think tumblr ate one of your asks;; Can you send it again?

Hi! I'm new to the fandom and I just read your post last March regarding the Shizume vitriol going around. I just wanted to say that even though I ship Mazume, I still find the Shizume parts really sweet! (≧▽≦) Sensei has this incredible gift to make both pairings very lovable and that's what I love about this manga the most. Cheers! ♬(ノ゜∇゜)ノ♩



Hi! Weeeeell, that post is a bit outdated now considering the latest development, the mangaka literally went and chose to use every shoujo trope I had faith she wouldn’t resort to. But here we are, she chose to exacerbate the rivalry between Mamura and Shishio, she chose to have Suzume date Mamura even though it was still too soon, she chose to mess with Shishio’s characterization completely just to spice things up, make him act like a complete asshole and suddenly have him pursue Suzume again, disregarding her feelings completely. Yeeeeeeah, I’m not really fond of the second half of the story.

I am, however, glad to know you can appreciate Shizume even though it’s not your ship! I agree, the mangaka is (used to be) really good at portraying the beauty of both relationships. The dynamic between Shishio and Suzume in the first volumes is absolutely lovely and so, so bittersweet, because you see Suzume experiencing love for the first time and Shishio struggling with these feelings he’s not supposed to have. Plus, the first half of the manga shows they were really compatible personality wise, they just happened to meet at the wrong time. Shizume for me was especially good before they started pursuing that half-relationship that was never meant to be, because after that point the mangaka started portraying it for what it was: a toxic relationship, something that would only hurt them in the long run, and I actually really loved the fact the narrative acknowledged all the problems of the ship, it’s rare for shoujo manga, usually they tend to romanticise the idea of dating your teacher (which is, surprise, not romantic at all).

Anyway, thank you for the ask, I’m always ready for discussions!

Wow you completely nailed it. Thanks for replying to my ask this is such a great read! I have been an early fan of the relationship between Shishio and Suzume specifically for the reasons you have stated and you really drive home a great point. Shizume felt real and believable for me even as they start the half relationship; Shishio’s internal struggle and then eventually not being able to control himself seems like something that even I would do. Plus, their chemistry is truly undeniable and it was such a joy to read them fumble at each other during the early stages of their relationship.

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The Sousuke in my head is a petty asshole and a stalker…I love him..